the start

My name is Kerrythe. Some people call me Kerry-the/Kerosine/Kerrini/Karooni/Kerryithie (even Stinky, but we won’t go into that).

In the end a name is just a name. Isn’t it?  And mine is pronounced Kerith.

I am an ace procrastinator and beginner and non-finisher of things.

I have read many a printed and digital writing and spoken to many real and virtual people about this affliction.

Feeling trapped in my own NON-ness I harped on about this forever.

Harp, harp, harpitty harp. Whether in my head or out loud, after all, a harp is still a harp. Isn’t it?

Eventually I grew tired of it, as one would hearing the same song over and over again (even one you felt you really connected with and was true for you at one time – that song that epitomised all of the “YOU” at that moment).

I decided that I needed to actually take stock of all the things that I had supposedly not been doing and not been finishing to see if it was reality or imagined.

And so the decluttering and consolidating began, starting with all the notebooks and containers and folders that had loose bits of paper with writings and drawings in them spanning many years of time.

I wondered whether I would ever be able to put it in order of when each thing came into being. But the thought became more daunting than fun and in abandoning the idea of getting lost in what was and rather starting from now on, I found myself feeling excited and energised.

Oh, beginning. So many have fallen for you.

So this is my attempt at beginning by putting things here.

Feel free to have a wander!


P.S. There is only art here. For my writing please go here